Friday, February 29, 2008


I almost let this blog die...

...but changed my mind. I'd become frustrated with it because there didn't seem to be a theme or a direction; no ultimate purpose or destination. I had no desire to continue something that seemed to be reaching inevitable stagnation.

Yet I would check back on it every few days to see if it had been updated, and my heart was secretly disappointed each time to see the same old posts. I finally realized that I am the only person with the power (or the account information) to update this blog.

So maybe it doesn't have a tidy little theme like "Tuscan Cooking on a Budget" or "100 Dog Tricks in 100 Days." Perhaps it could fit into a theme like "Girl With Lots of Sisters Who Comment on Her Blog to Make Her Feel Better," or "Girl Who Tried to Be Dave Barry but Gave Up." Take your pick or make up your own.

At any rate, the overarching theme is My Mind, and maybe that's not good enough to be archived into a book someday. But hey, I'm still a fan.