Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marriage and Blogs

Although this blog is not intended to be a journal of my personal life but rather a place to jot down and share observations that I find interesting or entertaining, I feel a short update is in order.

I'd like to inform my loyal readers that I am now married. I'd like to keep the personal information down to a bare minimum but here are few tidbits you may want to know:
  • His name is Josh.
  • We got married on October 10, 2008.
  • Yes, we are very happy.
I realize there are certain stereotypes attached to a blogger who is married as opposed to one who is not, but I'd like to state that I intend to keep the ambience of all future posts the same as that of every post I've written thus far. I do not intend to use words like "hubby" or "preggers," and please do not, by any means, post a link to this blog on your website using the heading "Sayaka & Josh." Josh actually has his own blog here, although he doesn't update it much.

We are still planning on having receptions at the aforescheduled dates (even though we jumped the gun on the wedding part.) We would love to express our gratitude to you personally so please please come. If I know you, you will probably be getting an invitation.

Thank you.