Tuesday, October 09, 2007

News on Views

I have reason to suspect that there are more viewers of this blog than just my sister Hatsuho, who I'd thought until recently was my lone reader and fan. So I've concluded that I should probably start doing more than a half-hearted job and add posts that are wittier, more exciting, and more grammatically correct. That's a lot of pressure I just put on myself. I give up already.

By the way, by the above comment I do not mean that Hatsuho deserves anything less than a half-hearted job, or a whole-hearted job for that matter. It's just that I know she would leave me a nice comment no matter what the heck I write. That's what big sisters are for.

Since I haven't written much this time, I'm going to use this space to reward Hatsuho for her loyalty by pointing you all to her blog here. It is a site that accurately portrays the life of my sister who likes crafts and all things "cute", and is more frequently updated than my blog. She is a second grade teacher which means she is a much more useful member of society than I am. Her blog is full of whimsy, pictures, and musings on married life that will make you smile, while my blog is full of sarcasm and lines that are meant to be clever but in actuality don't make you laugh, so you may wonder if we really are sisters in the literal sense. I assure you that yes, we are in fact blood-related. You may even notice that we both just happened to choose the same template. If that's not evidence of sisterhood, I don't know what is.

I'm secretly beaming inside right now because I'm so proud of myself for creating a link in the above paragraph. Do you see it shining up there in blue-lettered splendor? This is a milestone in the world of Sayakapella. I'm becoming so computer savvy I'm scaring myself.

Until next time, Hatsuho. Oh, and all you ghost readers who may or may not be real people.


Hatsuho said...

Hey mystery readers! De-lurk yourselves and comment on Sayaka's blog!

gillian said...

I'm SO GLAD that you left a comment on my blog...but I'm slightly paranoid about throwing my e-mail address or phone# out into cyberspace, so now I'm not sure how to contact you :-) I'll just hope that you HAVE my e-mail and you'll contact me.

Michiru said...

I made a discovery!!! I was looking at Hatsuho's ultra sound pics again and I just looked on the side where there were names of people that had blogs and I didn't see anyone I knew until I saw a favorite name of mine...SAYAKA :D I didn't know you had a blog!? I know this is coming from someone who has the least amount of writing knowledge (even though I do know some big words...like "perpendicular") but you are such an awesome writer, its crazy. I'm excited now.

Anonymous said...

And it's good of you to add a link from Hatsuho's website to yours. First time I saw it. At least you have a blog. I've been too lazy and scared to make one. :)

Hatsuho and Chris's buddy Rich Ha