Monday, August 25, 2008

A Minor Rant

A while back fellow blogger Nichole blogged about the rising trend of married couple blogs and how they all have a rapidly increasing list of links to "so-and-so & so-and-so"'s blogs gracing the side of their page (click here). At the time I read it I remember being in mild agreement and thinking, yeah, it probably is really annoying to be the one single name amidst all the ampersanded madness.

I gave no second thought to it until today, when I was going through some of my friends' blogs I recently discovered, and to my surprise, some of them had links to this very blog, sticking my single name in the middle of all the so-and-so & so-and-so's! However, my surprise was not that of disdain, and I found it really doesn't upset me in the least bit.

Because Sayakapella is my blog, and I'm not going to share it with my husband, even when I do get married! He can have his own blog! I bet most of these husbands don't even know there are blogs out there with their names stamped on to seal the married status of the blogger. Husbands, you really should start worrying about the kind of stuff your wives are posting publicly on the internet... I've seen some pretty scary stuff out there I'm positive did not receive your permission before their exploitation.

p.s. Umm... Hatsuho, I'm really not bashing on your blog. You do a good job on it. Seriously. Don't listen to me and keep doing your thing!


Hatsuho said...

Have you read this blog?

It is hilarious. You'll have to start at the beginning.

gillian said...

Yeah, seriouslysoblessed is pretty funny. My blog has sort of morphed into our family blog, but at least Jonathan is an active participant. I feel some kind of relief in the fact that I don't have any widgets...anyway, sayakapella should always be your solo blog. Without accompaniment, right?

gillian said...

Hahahaha...I just read your "breaking dawn" post. I read the first two books and then bragged about not intending to read the last two, but then I picked up a copy in Sams Club and I could hardly tear myself away (every time I get involved in a guilty pleasure read like "Breaking Dawn" I look over and see Jonathan reading something like "Faust". *sigh*). We're all just waiting for a Harry Potter-esque blockbuster to come from the clever and witty Ms. Seino.

Jared and Halley said...

I am totally guilty of this post. :) I hope all is well with you Sayaka!