Sunday, September 14, 2008


The other day at a dinner party, a fantastic piece of trivia was brought to my attention. On men's shirts the buttonholes are on the left side, whereas on women's shirts the buttonholes are on the right. I never even knew there was anything different about shirts of the opposite gender besides size and shape. Delightful.

However, my delight was dampened slightly by the fact that apparently I was the only person in the group who didn't know this yet.

If any of you are possessors of similar information that thus far has been hidden from me, please feel free to share.


roo said...

really..the whole group u were with knew? u would of felt lots better if u were hanging out with me then :)

Kevin Haldeman said...

I think the idea is that it makes it easier to undo (or do, I suppose) someone else's buttons. Seriously.

Sister Sonksen said...

Did you know that it costs more at the dry cleaners to have women's shirts washed and pressed than men's shirts. It's total sexism and women have been railing against it for years with no results. Check with your own dry cleaners, the dirty truth will come out! Hey we miss you at Cols 2nd Ward!!!