Friday, December 12, 2008

A Gross Accomplishment

If you were to look at the above photographs closely, you would see some things you probably don't want to see.

On second thought, don't look at the above photographs closely.

Yes, those are dead flies and our apartment was strewn with them when we first moved in. They were all over the carpet and windowsills making our new abode look something like a dipteran graveyard. Those of you who know me and know I have a slight aversion to bugs and creepy crawlies of any kind, especially dead ones, will know this was NOT OK.

However, I'd like everyone to know there was an incredible breakthrough. One day, while Josh was at school, I felt suddenly brave and decided to conquer the dead flies once and for all. (I'd tried to vacuum up any that I could but since the vacuum was crappy, there were still a ton of flies in the corners and windowsills.) I armed myself with a trash can and a handful of tissues and went to work. This is possibly the bravest thing I have ever done. The ones on the windowsills were manageable, as all I had to do was make some quick sweeps into the trash can. There wasn't any direct contact with my hand and the carcasses, although close in proximity. Still, I had to hold my breath and think happy thoughts as I did it, and every few seconds I had to run away and take some deep breaths.

The ones in the corners and edges of the carpet, however, were a challenge. It didn't help that the vacuum had pushed most of them deeper into the carpet, and what's worse, some of them were missing body parts. AAAAAAAAAugh!!!! Just the thought of it makes me queasy again. Those who are faint of heart should probably stop reading now.

These required me to pinch their little bodies between my thumb and forefinger guarded only by a tissue in order to quickly toss them into the can. To this day I have no idea how I was able to do it. I was literally crying as I tried to scoop them up, but every time I felt their small mass in between my fingers, my body would spasm like crazy and I would drop them and start screaming.

I think I deserve something for my bravery. Like a really nice vacuum.

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nijiko said...

hahaha the sad thing is i could feel exactly what you felt as i read that post..but i'm getting better with bugs too. like i can kill mosquitos now because after all the bites i've gotten i just want them dead. not with my bare hands yet but still.