Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anime and Cool in the Same Post?

As a single person, I always tried to avoid guys who were super into anime and stuff. This was because those were usually the type of guys who had a weird Asian fetish, and as an Asian-American person, I think that is pretty creepy. I was never a fan of the idea that someone would want to date me just because I was Asian. Who would? I wanted people to date me because I was me. I tried to stay away from all males who would start a conversation with, "so, I really love sushi" or "I knew this Korean person once" or "I served a mission in Taiwan."

I realize I am being extremely stereotypical and unfair here. Who knows, some of these guys could have ended up being really cool. (Ha!) Umm... seriously. But as time went by, I began to realize the unfortunate truth.

ALL guys think anime is cool, at least to some degree. I blame it on video games. But even in a circle of the most normal-looking guys, if Dragon Ball Z is brought up, everyone has something to say about it. I mean, they know the names of the characters, the different plots, powers, and whatever other details that go along with the show.

Now get this. My husband likes anime. He loved Dragon Ball Z as a kid and has also seen pretty much all of Avatar. I had never even heard of Avatar until I met him. In the DVD aisle at Wal-Mart once, I asked, "if we were to buy any of these DVD's right now, which one would it be?" and he went straight to the boxed sets of Avatar. I thought he had to be kidding. He kept trying to explain to me why it is such a cool show and I just would not have any of it.

Anyway, one time when I was really sick we had the boxed season 4 of Avatar which he borrowed from his brother, and I gave in and said I would watch it with him. One episode followed another, and another, and another, and before we knew it we had watched the entire thing! And guess what? Avatar is a really cool show. It actually has a decent story and some of the jokes really made me laugh. I even had water-bending dreams that night.

SO... the point is, we went and saw Transformers 2 in the theaters the other day, (more like the other month,) and saw this preview:

(If that didn't work, just go here.) And we almost peed our pants with excitement. Yes, both of us.

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