Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here's to my mom:

How can I describe her? She's one of a kind.
- She can whip up a hot cooked meal for a family of seven, even when I just looked in the fridge an hour earlier and didn't see anything in there.
- Once, when asked what her talents are, she answered vigorously, "I like to kill bugs!"
- She can manage thirteen 3-4 year olds simultaneously without raising her voice.
- She loves to "live it up" and travel around the world when she can.
- She has a spirit of adventure. One of her dreams is to swing through the city of New York in the arms of Spiderman.

Pretty cool, huh? Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.


Hatsuho said...

LOL, that is an awesome post. The first two items on the list really are amazing. There truly is no other woman like her in the world. I love her cuz she brings me sushi and strawberries every time she comes to visit!

roo said...

yay mommy!!!!