Thursday, May 29, 2008

Melodrama Blah Blah

Sometimes I'm just really emotional.

Right now is one of those times. I saw an Olympics/VISA commercial and started tearing up. I saw twin brothers audition for SYTYCD and started crying and laughing at the same time. I desperately needed someone to hug so I grabbed Herbert from off my bed and curled up with him on the corner of the couch. I saw a delicious-looking piece of pizza in the fridge, decided I wasn't hungry even though the only other thing I've eaten today is another piece of pizza, and decided that was so depressing that I fantasized about anorexia. I sat there and shed more tears as I fabricated depressing scenarios about myself. I sighed in anguish at the wretched state of my life. Then I sighed even louder at the wretched state of the world. Emo? PMS? SAD? Whatever.

I wonder if that pizza's still in the fridge.


roo said...

i thought i saw most of the olympic/visa commercials but i dont think i saw that one yet, i will take the place of herbert next time though

Ranteumptom said...

Step 1: Watch something other than SYTYCD so boys will hang out at your apartment.
Step 2: That's it. One step is all you need.

Hatsuho said...

I know lots of boys who like to watch sytycd

Sayaka said...

boys really aren't the problem here. thanks for the thought though. but i think i'll keep watching that show.

Yukiko said...

as if guys coming over is what we WANT.