Monday, June 15, 2009


Our friends the Christensen's introduced us to trouble.

It's called Plants vs. Zombies and it is incredibly addicting. You have to ward off zombie attacks by planting anti-zombie plants in your front and back yard (and roof!) all the while collecting enough sun to grow your gardens. The zombies attack continuously, eating your plants if you can't kill them fast enough. If the zombies get past your vegetation and into your house, they eat your brains. There is a constant, hilarious chorus of "brains!" and "arrrrgh!" You collect money to buy more cool anti-zombie items from a guy named Crazy Dave. The music is cool and so are the sound effects. To top it all off, the graphics are adorable.

Quite a perfect little package. I highly recommend it. (Unless you have a goal to be productive...)

I adore this little "wall-nut."


roo said...

cute walnut !

roo said...

i actually downloaded this game and yes, it was FUN!