Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Help Wanted

Josh gave me his iPod Shuffle and I need to update my music library... badly. It hasn't been touched for probably five years or so. The problem is, I hardly ever listen to the radio or anything so I have no idea what kinds of songs and artists are out there these days. I need recommendations... please help!

My favorite albums to listen to are:

Damien Rice -- "O"
Jewel -- "Pieces of You" (Note: I do not like her other CDs.)
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova -- "Once" Soundtrack

I like mellow, singer-songwriter styles with acoustic guitar and raw vocals. Cellos and stuff in the background are cool too. Know of anythig out there I would like?


Baltazar said...

Rahim Alhaj playing the oud

nijiko said...

tegan and sara! feist!!

Yukiko said...

iron and wine, the frames (it's glen hasard's band), mika, dispatch, cat power... we'll help you out when you come up to provo!